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Passionate about sharing walking in the East Riding of Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Wolds and to promote the fantastic walking routes in the county

The idea of this blog it to show the outdoor activities available in the East Riding of Yorkshire - The county has some fantastic locations for walking, which I've highlighted in The Walking Cave Man Walking blog, however activities such as Geocaching, traditional treasure hunts and orienteering (to name a few) are fantastic fun for adults, children and families.

Over time I'll be adding 'things to do', which have either been arranged by The Walking Cave Man or by other organisations i.e. East Riding of Yorkshire Council and The Woodlands Trust, although if anyone would like to highlight an activity/event that they enjoy I would be happy to include on this site (either to highlight your own website/blog or a guest blog).

The main objective is to get everyone out into the countryside and explore what East Yorkshire has to offer.

Please feel free to contact me:

Activities added -
The Walking Cave Man Grid Hunts

Geocaching with the Walking Cave Man

Grid Hunts with the Walking Cave Man

The Walking Cave Man Walking

Living North - Geocaching with the Walking Cave Man

I'm really proud that Living North magazine contacted me recently to promote the fantastic pastime ofGeocaching and my idea of Grid Hunts within their spring edition.

I'm passionate about sharing the fantastic walking Yorkshire has to offer and more importantly 

promoting the Yorkshire Wolds and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Hopefully the publishing of this article will inspire potential walkers, of ages, to experience and explorer this wonderful county and maybe to try out these two superb activities.

For more details about Geocaching see my blog post - Geocaching and Activity Blog

Many thanks to everyone @Living_North

Read the full article here

To view further Walking Cave Man walks select the below to view my interactive walks map

As always, if anyone has an interesting walk/route/trail they feel would be of interest I'd be happy to include it on this Blog (please post to - full accreditation will be given to the author and website if applicable.

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New Walking Cave Man Geocaches

Two new Geocaches have been hidden within Little Wold Plantation, located near South Cave, East Yorkshire- These now make up eight Walking Cave Man caches, creating a fantastic linear walk through this plantation, Comber Dale and Low Hunsley Plantation, following the famous Yorkshire Wolds Way.

The new caches:

Geocaching 101 details
N 53° 46.663 W 000° 35.530 
British Grid: SE 92870 32182 

                         Geocaching 101 details
         N 53° 46.756 W 000° 35.605 
              British Grid: SE 92784 32355 

For further details of theses and the other six Geocaches please visit the Walking Cave Man Activity Blog or view the map below:

All the Walking Cave Man geocaches are logged on the official Geocaching 101 website

Try a different way of experiancing walking in the East Riding of Yorkshire by downloading one of the Walking Cave Man's Grid Hunts

New Grid Hunt - South Cave, East Yorkshire

The South Cave Grid Hunt is now available

The second Walking Cave Man Grid Hunt is now available - Check out the new 'South Cave Grid Hunt' which is a fantastic nine mile circular route starting close to South Cave church.

Select the Grid Hunt icon above

Go Geocaching with The Walking Cave Man

Go Geocaching with The Walking Cave Man

Geocaching in simple terms is a treasure hunt using a GSP unit – The object of the activity is to find hidden 'geocache' in various locations dotted around the country. For more information regarding this exciting activity please read my blog regarding Geocaching

The Walking Cave Man currently has six Caches hidden in the South Cave area and hope to increase the numbers in the near future - These caches have been added to the cache log on the official Geocaching website.

The caches have been put together with care and therefore would be grateful if you kindly make sure that each one is correctly sealed and replaced exactly where you found it and of cause you are very welcome to take swag (please leave something interesting if you do take something), however please leave your details in the log books and update the Geocaching website when you have found one of them - It will be fantastic to see how many people find them (as long as it's not a muggle!)

If you do find a Walking Cave Man cache damaged, running out of 'swag' or has been muggled please let The Walking Cave Man know by emailing

Please have fun finding them and don't forget to look for others in the East Riding, as there are some great locations and places to visit.

The Walking Cave Man Grid Hunts

The Walking Cave Man Grid Hunts
A 'grid hunt' is basically a treasury hunt where walkers called 'Hunters' find and answer clues to complete a walk with the ultimate gold of discovering the walk password.

Hunters are only given a set of clues where grid references have to be worked out and followed throughout the walk, picking up additional clues required for remaining grid references and to identify the walk password.

By only gathering the correct information can the walk be completed and the walk password being correct (in the case of The Walking Cave Man Grid Hunts, the walk password being an email address) - Only when using the correct email address will a response be received back. All successful hunters will also be added to the walks 'Hall Of Fame'.

All hunts vary in length and are therefore suitable for a range of hunting ages, from Adults to families, the differences usually being the walk length and the clues required, therefore it's best to check the details of the hunt before setting off.

All Walking Cave Man hunts come with a brief hunt description (detailing walk length, time the hunt should take and a hunt difficulty). A help sheet will also be available in case navigation goes amiss or if clue can not be worked out.  

The first Walking Cave Man Grid Hunt is now available - Check this out and give it a go. More Grid Hunts are on the way so please keep checking for updates.